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Aaron was a male cat of the European Shorthair breed. He was born on January 1987 and he was pastry, lonely and harmless. Clauandus, a Havana Brown cat, killed him as a 348th murder victim after he had tried Tragiyahn, a she-cat, to copulate him with a female she-cat cultured of Claudandus who created the secret new-old Felidae breed after years and years and he was unable to persuade her to do it. Claudandus recorded his name and time of death on with all the murder victims and spent his corpse probably in the catacombs or either the victims underground to Jesaja, a gray Persian cat who has being born in the laboratory just like Joker, a old white cat, Bluebeard, a Maine Coon cat, and Felicitas, a Russian Blue cat of the professor Julius Preterius, and the Guardian of the Dead.


Since he was murdered by Claudandus, one can assume that he wanted to meet a member of the grown and secretly new-old Felidae breed.