{{subst:Löschantrag|Kein Deutsch und kein Vorkommen im Roman -- 10:29, 14. Jun. 2014 (UTC)}} Addie was a female Felidae cat who belongs to the new and old Felidae breed. She was a lot even different than the other cats. She looks actually like the other Felidae cats in the first novel book 'Felidae' and the animated movie from 1994.


Addie has a sandy-coated coloured fur, a black colour looks like a black bird on her face, a bushy tail with a black colour on top and a blue eyes which remind that Addie's pupils are blind. She was like the other Felidae cats that have a sandy-coated colour: Nhozemphtekh, Tragiyahn, Zaboteth, Rahotep, Khromolhkhan and Iiieahtoph.