Deep Purple was an older male cat who lived in the area and in "Felidae" was the fifth murder victim of the mysterious murderer who made ​​the area unsafe.


About Deep Purple's race has no information. However, describes him both Francis and Bluebeard, even an older copy of his kind to be extremely old.


Bluebeard called Deep Purple as a "chief petty bourgeois" and "Lord Biedermeier" who is constantly irritated by the other cats in the area with moral appeals to comply with the venerable rules and was upset about the behavior of younger cats. He was also very keen to mark his territory and control as Francis had to learn the hard way. According to Bluebeard "constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown "because his owners never stopped at a regular time of feeding.




Deep Purple was purchased at an unknown time and in an unknown age of his owner, who called him because of his penchant for rock music Deep Purple after the English rock band. He was in the area but he made himself his habit to keep homilies for no friends.

In "Felidae"Bearbeiten

Francis met Purple four days after he and his opener was taken to the infirmary as he watched the birds on the garden wall of the house Francis was not able to catch them. He responded aggressively to Francis presence in "his" territory and ran towards him. Since Francis was nothing due to a confrontation he withdrew only mocked Purple's nagging and retreated back into the house after which he disappeared. Shortly thereafter, Purple was like any other murder victims fatally injured in front of him by a bite in the neck and that in a manner read his neck look like this, "as if someone had tried in his new ice ax". However, he was not dead right away but managed to get hurt bad in the garage of his owner to escape, where he jumped with a final force contingent on the seat of Harley Davidson and his owner died. His body was later discovered by Bluebeard and examined by him and Francis. After his death, Purple appeared in a nightmare called The Egyptian dream with the other cats. There are Kong, Jesaja, Joker, Hermann and Hermann, Bluebeard and Felicitas.


  • Since he was murdered by Claudandus, one can assume that he wanted to meet a member of the new super-race named "Felidae".
  • Deep Pruple was not neutered, but was loud as Bluebeard "beyond such a scrape."