Felicity's House
Felicitas' house is a place and also a home where a female Russian Blue cat named Felicitas lived in the animated movie film from 1994 after her rescue by Pascal from professor Julius Preterius. The house has a furniture: a mirror on the wall, a big carpet which is laid on the floor, two chairs, one with four legs and one who has two rocking wheels with a green cushion, picture frames on each two walls, a lamp and a table right next to the rocking chair, a little clock, a trophy, a vase, a little picture frames on the shelf over the fireplace, a bookcase and a drawer behind the wall and underneath the picture frame.

Meeting with FrancisBearbeiten

When Felicitas first met Francis, she asks him if he is a friend or a foe, but Francis said to her that he's a forever friend and Felicitas knows it. But when the two sat on a window sill in front of a big window, Francis saw Felicitas' eyes and he said to her that she's blind but Felicitas said she's not and she just can not see. The two cats sat together in front of the fireplace and they befriended each other, but then they as well sat on the window sill where it has two pillows and cushions. But when Felicitas told Francis and gave him vital clues to solve the murders, a window on the roof opened and Bluebeard appears. Francis said to Felicitas that he'll be back and when he left, Felicitas was all alone in her house watching Francis leave.


Francis and Bluebeard came in the house where they meet a Havana Brown cat named Pascal, Francis told Pascal to order the computer and then find out the breed of the victims. But, when Pascal added the sixth victim, Felicitas is on the list as well! So, Francis ran out of the house and ran as fast as he could back to Felicitas' house. But when Francis found her, she is gruesomely decapitated where her head has been ripped off and blood came out from her neck of her body and her orange collar is also covered in blood. Felicitas' death led to Francis in a deep dismay and sorrow.