Rahotep is a male Felidae cat and is one of the 'evolved' breed of cats. He belongs to the new and old Felidae breed who was his species. Not a whole lot is known about his past, but it is indicated that he and his half-brother, Brooks may have had a scrape earlier than in the story.

Meeting with LilyBearbeiten

Rahotep starts coming onto Lily, a she-cat when he first runs into her. Brooks told the Felidae cat off, though. Rahotep often acts that he is unaware of the murders which means he must know something. Throughout the story, he continues to try and woo Lily away which really makes the she-cat more than tempted to mess up that pretty face of his.


Rahotep has a bright yellow or sandy-coated fur, a black collar around his neck, a bushy tail with a black colour on top of it, his eyes are bright and yellow,also two black eyelashes and two ears that has two colours: brown in the middle and black on top.

The other Felidae cats have a sandy-coated colour are: Nhozemphtekh, Chrochoch, Addie, Tragiyahn, Khromolhkhan, Iiieahtoph and Zaboteth.