Solitaire was a she-cat of the Balinese breed and one of the murder victims of Claudandus, believed to carry her newborn kits, (being Kong's favorite lover) lived in the area and according to Hermann and Hermann favorite girl of the district court cat Kong. However, she was a member of the New and Old Felidae breed that the mysterious murderer was bred in secret. Pregnant and therefore of Pascal, which thus saw endangered breeding program, in Felidae, murdered. Her body was first described by Jesaja, discovered derm good Dead Watcher, who wanted to bring her into the catacombs beneath the station, but this came from the newcomer to the area, Francis, Kong and his lackeys Hermann and Hermann Beside himself with anger, Kong believed Jesaja to have murdered his lover Solitaire in front of him and pursued to kill him with Hermann and Hermann with the firm intention. However, Jesaja could not escape them and was observed by Francis, who then followed him into the catacombs.

(SPOILER): After Solitaire had been mated by a male cat of the Felidae breed and got pregnant, she was murdered by Claudandus who is a old Havana Brown cat, who killed many male domestic cats to prevent matings with the Felidae cats and the birth of cross-breed kits (thus revealing that Solitaire cheated on Kong), who is a Colourpoint cat and a local bully of Francis and Blaubart, a Maine Coon cat and has his minions/followers Hermann and Hermann. After Solitaire's death, Kong saw her being murdered and he stops showing his interest in attacking Francis, a domestic cat, and focuses his anger on the killer.

Trivia: Jesaja, a gray Persian cat, being born in the laboratory of professor Julius Preterius, who is a Guardian of the Dead who brought the bodies in the victims underground and he did not escape Kong and his minions Hermann and Hermann and is observed and followed by Francis and Blaubart.

Solitaire, as the other male cats and she-cats of the Balinese breed, is unlikely aware of the murder victims and murderers comitted by Claudandus and she is unsurely cared being shown by her.

The other murder victims in the books and the movie are: Madam, Felicitas, Sascha, Andromeda, Sissi, Accessoire, Agio, Pascha, Chanel, Deep Purple, Abba, Ahasver, Affront, Domino, Herzl, Atlas, Roxy, Alraune, Joker, Josef, Michi, Tomtom, Hugo, Leonardo, Ambrosius, Animal Army, Achat, Benjamin and Bertha.