Ziebold (first name unknown) was a scientist in a villa in the area and lived in 1980 in the laboratory of Prof. Julius Preterius cooperated in the creation of a functional tissue adhesive, but gave up his position because he could no longer bear the suffering of the animals. After Preterius' death by one of those tormented creatures, he took him into his home and took care of him healthy.


Ziebold's clothing was like Preterius "fashionable" and "daily changing". Further accounts of his appearance were not disclosed.


Julius Preterius have Ziebold described in his diary as "a young, cocky careerists with Pantasie" whose geckhaftes posturing was better suited to a male model as a scientist. During the work, however, he transform himself "into a man possessed, then gush the brilliant insights formally out of it".

Although Ziebold Initially participated in the animal experiments in the laboratory, also where Claudandus was shown by the fact that he is already at the beginning of harbored sympathy for Claudandus and ultimately quit his job because of the suffering of the animals that he is in spite of everything, a certain degree morality and love of animals possessed.



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