Cat Sense is a stand alone, nonfiction book written by the author of the Felidae series. Unlike most of Pirincci's work, the book is availble in English.

Covers 184033

Description (from Amazon) Edit

Taking the cat's senses in turn - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch - the authors describe what science can tell us about the way the senses function in practice, interspersing their accounts with illuminating or entertaining cat anecdotes. There are stories of cat odysseys, taken over vast distances to find lost owners; and of the types of personality differences to be found in cats, and differences in intelligence and learning abilities. An American psychologist has suggested that blue eyes indicate shyness and brown eyes an extrovert character, just as they are meant to do in humans. Francis, the cat hero of Felidae, also makes his presence felt as he puts the cats-eye view at first hand.

Francis' point of view.Edit

While the content of the book include contents unrelated to the Felidae series, each chapter ends with a page of personal Francis' comments on the topic of discussion. Such comments include additional informations or mockery of the authors' assumptions: while praising or stressing certain details, Francis stress the human impossibility to fully understand cats.