The Council is a not very stable and not fully representative form of political organization among animals in Francis's city.

Felidae (first novel and movie)Edit

During the first novel of Felidae, cats rally together to take stock of the situation. Influent cats as Pascal and Francis are seen explain the mass their insights about the murdering, even young and inexperienced cats as Pepeline have freedom of speech and the whole assembly does not seem to have an organized structure

Cave Canem (third novel)Edit

In Cave Canem, both dogs and cats are seen taking part at meetings into a representative structure named the Council. Influent cats and dogs make speechs during the meetings, Francis thinks that despite the intent to create a form of collective representation, the actual poltical power of the Council and its leaders is very weak and the leaders doesn't speak for every animal as they would like to do (majority of animals are simpy disinterested).

During the novel, the major antagonist kills the dog's leader (Sissi) to cause a definitive split between dogs and cats and trigger a conflict.

The main achievement of the Council (the feline faction) is the killing of the human Amöbius Mars

Known leaders of the Council are:Edit

Dogs: Sissi (until death)

then Hinz&Kunz

Cats: Moses