Felidae:Katzencomic is an adaptation of the first novel of the Felidae series, printed in 1994.

It was drawn by Rob Koo and John Yee and scripted by the series author.

The comic was produced at the same time of the movie and Rob Koo was involved in the movie as layout artist, however the comic follow details of the novel.

Differences compared to book and movie Edit

  • The main visual difference is that Francis is drawn with an orange pelt (rather than dark). However he still bears the marks on the muzzle like in the movie.
  • The comic cut some scenes: the main one that was removed was the meeting of the city's cats (that included the revelation of Pepeline).
  • A scene that was cut in the movie is present in the comic: the disturbing Francis's dream about Deep Purple
  • Differently from the movie, Francis doesn't discover the lab's experiments thanks a video but (like in the book) he finds a diary.
  • The final confrontation between Francis and Claudandus has a reduced amount of talks: at the end of the fight, Francis behead his enemy (cutting the ending dialogue and the last words of Claudandus).
  • Like in the novel (and differently from the movie), Bluebeard is not present in the house (nor he is attacked and wounded by Claudandus), and at the end Francis is reluctant to tell what happened into the burning house.