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This wiki is about Felidae, a saga of German animal-literature (xenofiction) books by Akif Pirinçci, and the animated movie named Felidae based on his first book.

The books are of the thriller genre (with science-fiction and supernatural elements). The story focuses on the adventures of Francis, a smart cat, that with logic, intuition, claws and sometimes a bit of luck, solves cases of mysterious murders!


Contents of the series include mature themes, especially when compared to other animal books. Includes graphic deaths, human experiments on animals, portrayal of mating behavior.

Many articles may contain major spoilers.

About the Wiki

This is a collaborative database dedicated to providing information on Felidae. This Fandom Wikia appeals to both the books and the movie. Help with new articles, suggestions, proposals, grammar fixes and corrections are welcome! Due to the general lack of visual content, the Felidae Wiki allows the use of fanart for portraits. Input by artists and fans are well-received. The Wiki specifies when a picture is originated from the Movie, a fanart (based on books or movie portrayal) or the single official Comic of Felidae. Use of fan-arts is done only with permission of original artists, credits and links of the original work are included. The Wiki includes original works like detailed synopsis from books never translated into English! Fans are suggested to avoid other wiki plagued by trolls with incorrect and Original Characters contents, or wiki creating articles after reading/extrapolation of information from the original Felidae Wiki.

German Title Other Language Titles Year
Felidae Felidae (English) 1989
Francis Felidae on the Road (English) 1993
Cave Canem 1999
Das Duel 2002
Salve Roma! 2004
Schandtat 2007
Felipolis 2010
Göttergleich 2012
Other Media
Title Media Year
Felidae Animated film 1994
Katzencomic Official comic 1994
Cat Sense Non-fiction book 1994
Watch the Movie!

Felidae (1994) — German Audio with English Subtitles (Closed Captioning) FULL MOVIE

German audio with english sub. No copyright no copyright infringement intended. Subtitles provided by Gynandromorph[1] for the related Felidae fanclub. Thanks for your dedication!

Book Characters
Felidae Felicity, Kong, Hermann & Hermann, Nhozemphtekh, Jesaja, Pepeline, Claudandus, Joker, Sascha, Deep Purple, Atlas, Tomtom, Felidae_X, Agatha(cat), Solitaire, Pascha, Chanel, Chrochoch, Tragiyahn, Khromolhkhan, Iüeahtoph, Unknown Felidae female(movie only)
Francis Saffron, Niger, Hugo, Mandrake, Ambrosius, Aurelie, Eight, Zak
Cave Canem Hector, Roxy, Moses, Sissi, Hinz&Kunz, Andromeda, Junior's mother
Das Duell Adrian, Fabulous, Max (hybrid), Black sisters
Salve Roma! Antonio, Samantha, Miracolo
Schandtat Eloi, Morlock, Madam, Francis's father, Francis's mother, Metatron
Felipolis Domino, Herlz, Josef, Clint, Smith&Wesson, Sumra von Wechselberg
Gottergleicht Pi, Sigmund, Max, Sybilla, Kurt

List of human characters:

Gustav Löbel Julius Preterius August Horch Amöbius Mars Lars Büttel Marc Forster

Organisations of Felidae

Church of Claudandus Felidae Breed Sewer's cats Wild she-cats Council Underground cats Felipolis Proletarian Union Brotherhood of Black Chronos's cats

List of human organizations:

Cave Canem CIA Kantsky group Animal Army German Army


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