Felipolis is both a utopian dream for a cat society and the group that plans to realize it.


The group aimed to create an indipendent state inhabited by cats that may live independently and freely from humans.

For this purpose had succeeded in making Domino as the only heir of an huge fortune.

To realize "Felipolis", the group's members had no qualms murdering anyone could hinder.

The group manage to eliminate at least 2 humans and wipe out the Proletarian Union group, the multiple attempts to murder Francis ends with failures.

Members of the group are known for a great indoctrination and be able to commit suicide to not reveal informations.


After the loss of some members due the failed murdering of Francis, the group rally hundreds of sympathizers (including Sancta) and organize the so long desired trip to their "promised land".

The human greed materialize with the betrayal of Marc Forster (the only human of the group, a man aware of the intelligence of cats) that plans to exploit Felipolis to establish an economic paradise for multi-billioners and become rich.

With the death of both Herlz and Domino, the Felipolis's dream is destroyed. The cats however manage to travel to Koroyama island and lives there a short period of peace and freedom before the inevitable human intervention.

Known cats of the group:Edit

Herlz (leader)

Domino (co-leader)

Marc Forster (human) (officially)



Sumra von Wechselberg

Sancta (shortly)


The whole plans of the Felipolis, are openly inspired to the Sionist movement before the WWII (the leader of Felipolis even take the name of Theodor Herlz, founder of the sionist movement). The criticism of the author to the Felipolis plans (and the parallel sionism's criticsm) should not be interpreted as a critcism to religion and the Jewish people.