Josef is a tomcat that appears in the Felipolis book. He's a very old, large and fat cat: he's sapphire eyes and a ruined  brown-reddish fur. His whole body is covered by scars and his tail is kinked, due his age Josef has few remaining teeth.

He's the leader of a politicized group of communist cat named the "International Proletarian Union".

Actions in FelipolisEdit

Josef and his comrades (a band of mangy strays that follows the communist ideal) had reached the Domino's villa with the plan to obtain the inheritance of the she-cat to finance themselves and a general revolutionary movement.

At first Josef appears to be hostile toward Francis, calling him a "bourgeois cat" and meeting the critical irony of the detective.

However later Josef appears to be more friendly: he makes speech about his plans for the money and despite criticism from an openly-aristocratic cat as Sumra, Josef seems inclined to consider all the other cats as "comrades" even if they don't share his ideas.

Despite his age, Josef is the only one (with Herlz) to save Francis and drag him out from a pool full of huge Koi fishes.

Later Josef leads his comrades into an even more dangerous and important saving of the same Francis: when he's almost beaten to death by the human Marc Forster, the cats of the Proletarian Union come back to the villa to rescue Francis and bring him to his friends.

Francis is grateful for this, and dispatch Bluebeard to warn the Union to stay away from the villa to not risk further their lives. Francis's friend comes too late and found the killed body of Josef and some others of his comrades, while the rest of the Union has left.


It's revealed that the assassins (Clint and Smith&Wesson) of the Felipolis, killed Josef.

After their subsequent attempt to kill the same Francis fails, they commits suicide to not reveal the plans of their leader.

Francis believes to see the spirit of the old cat, after the death of the killers.

It's unknown if the Proletarian Union's survivors that fled, elected a new leader or they simply disbanded as group.

Name's meaning:Edit

Josef is named as clear reference of the soviet dictator Josif Stalin. The same Francis however realize how the old cat is very different from the human counterpart: Francis even assumed that the agenda of the same Josif wasn't a true "world revolution" lead by cats, but his personal intent is giving (more realistically) an hope through political faith for the more disadvantaged stray cats.