Junior is a Francis's son who has his debut in Cave Canem (third book) and later appears on different occasions during the series, often helping Francis or acting individually.

Appearence Edit

He's almost identical to Francis in appearance, sharing the same pelt and body size. Junior also seems to share the same spirit but he's more impulsive.

In the late books he's described more times has having a black and white pelt (the same description given also to Francis's father in Schandtat), considering the similarity with Francis, the features of father and son should not be far from the one shown in the movie (but without the bluish tone added in the animation).

In Cave Canem (third book)Edit

Junior appears for first time in the third book. He reveals to have searched for Francis hoping to satisfy both curiosity and gaining help, and also to recriminate for being left alone.

Junior's mother died of an infection while his siblings have died due to cold weather and accidents. At first Junior blames Francis for have never cared for a litter he conceived and for a she-cat he had mated with. Despite Francis replies back that this is the natural cat's behavior, Junior shows a surprising dialectic ability. An arrangement is made with Junior who settles in Francis's home (taking advantage of Gustav's poor ability to distinguish Francis from Junior).

(SPOILER) : Later Junior is involved in the conflict with dogs, showing to be one of the most hotheads and ready to attack small size dogs as Andromeda. Francis is disappointed by this behavior and drives him away. Junior redeems himself, asking for forgiveness and acting as Francis's double having a similar pelt and body to lure away the dogs who rallied to kill Francis.

In Das Duell (fourth book)Edit

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In Schandtat (sixth book)Edit

Francis starts to tell about his own past after the questions of Junior, and during the telling it is revealed how the Francis's father had the same black and white pelt inherited by Junior.

Junior is intrigued by the unexplained mystery of the first bloody investigation that a too much young Francis could have not start. For this reason, Junior travels to the ancient places of Francis's youth, hoping to find clues about who (and why) exterminated the community of lettered cats which had welcomed Francis.

Junior finds the remains of the first ever mate of his father, then he meets Morlock (son of Eloi, the mentor and stepfather of Francis). Morlock attacks Junior and in the subsequent fight is killed.

The young cat keeps on his travel (being followed by a much worried Francis and Bluebeard) until the discover of the ancient psychiatric hospital, hiding all the secrets of Francis's past.

Felipolis (seventh book)Edit

Junior is searching for Francis, after his father disappears, together Bluebeard and Sancta when they meet Josef and his followers that give them the wounded body of Francis.

He remained close to his father, as Sancta and Bluebeard, during the recovering after a veterinary trip. 

Francis dispatched his son to help him with further internet research: Junior proves to be successful, identifying the island of his father's dreams as Koroyama, in Indian Ocean.

Junior display to have inherited again a good amount of physical and fighting abilities, facing Clint (the leader of the assassins) and defeating him after a clash (having however the surprise element and the knowledge of the house on his side) when the Felipolis assassins try to kill Francis.

Later, with the disappearance of Sancta, Francis argues with Junior and Bluebeard, with the hidden intent to prevent the research of the Korat female by his son and his best friend (being concerned of their safety).

Gottergleicht (eight  book)Edit

Junior welcomes the incredible discovery of Francis about the time running-back phenomenon with incredulous amazement and some serious concerns about his father's mental sanity due his growing age. However after some piqued comments of Francis, Junior shows a more accommodating behavior even if he's not convinced about the whole unlikely event. He doesn't follow his father and Bluebeard with the investigation.

Trivia: His name was given by himself only after Francis asked what it was. Junior's mother didn't give one to him.