Kurt  is a military dog of Great Dane breed used as a watch dog, he's a coal coloured pelt and long erected ears, with the tips slightly bent. His body is massive and muscular, making clear to every watcher that he's a fearsome fighter.

Meeting with Francis in GottergleichtEdit

Francis meets the formidable military dog while he's attempting to learn more of the mysterious events that take place in Gottergleicth: Kurt is one of the military dogs employed for the security of the high-level meeting between the human world leaders and the mysterious and powerful "cats" of the Brotherhood of the Black, that will then reveals of being the feline inhabitants of Chronos.

Francis is faced by Kurt because he was an unwelcome intruder and the cat exploit this pursuit to coerce also the other military dogs to chase him: guiding them among the ranks of the black cats and causing chaos.

However Kurt manage to outsmart his own comrades and keeps chasing only Francis: the cat knows that he can't hope to fight such opponent and lure him into a warehouse he had already explored, attempting to get rid of the dog.

Once again, Kurt demonstrates excellent qualities and reach Francis into an elevator while the cat manage to activate it.

The dog at this point is shown not to be a simple blood-thirsty brute and question Francis about his actions.

Despite Kurt is clearly not as smart as Francis, the cat decided to tell all his story and what's going on.

The dog takes the unexpected decision of helping Francis when he realize that something of wrong is going to happens: this is further confirmed when the pair watch a number of soldiers carrying a nuclear device into a secret-underground railway line. The loyal dog is even more convinced of helping Francis and allow the cat to experience something of unusual:

Only the large Great Dane could hope to run and reach in time the nuclear device, running straight into the railway-line and the smaller cat is allowed (to his surprise and hesitation) to be transported on the back of the running dog.

When Kurt and Francis reach the soldiers, Francis realize that they're going to launch the nuclear device (on probably orders of the world's leaders) into the "Morf" channel, hoping to destroyer the native planet of the black cats.

The pair realize how this terrible action is going just to be a disproportionate genocide and attempt to interfere with the launch.

Kurt attacks bravely the soldiers, gaining time for Francis to reach the device. The Great Dane is eventually shot by the soldiers and finished by other military dogs.

His sacrifice allowed Francis to depart from the Earth through the Morf with the device until reaching Chronos. And even if the device would still have been ineffective on the alien planet, the arrival of Francis on Chronos leads to the conclusion of the adventure.


With the conclusion of the adventure, the whole time-line is altered by action of the same Chronos cats and all the ones that are killed during the events are going to stay alive, without knowledge of what happened.

Is reasonable that Kurt remained a military dog, but it's unknown  if Francis will attempt to meet or contact him in future (it's however unlikely, due the distance between Francis's home and the government building and the fact that the dog has now nothing in common to be inclined to accept Francis's contact).