Mandrake (Alraune in the German book), was a female wild cat that lived in the woods away from the city with her comrades. She was the daughter of the leader of Aurelie, who came into the forest by the reintroduction program.

Mandrake had fluffy, gray-mottled fur with a yellowish undertone. Her whitish green-colored eyes were sharp and embedded in a large skull. She had about a quarter more body volume as Francis and a bushy tail.

Mandrake was the first cat Francis encountered into the forest, and he found the wild she-cat in heat and craving for a male. Francis and Mandrake mated, however after having done it, he talked with Mandrake about the mysterious mass murdering and she quickly grew uninterested and left, to search for some other less-talkative male.

Revelations (SPOILER) Edit

Some time later, Francis met the wild cats (all females) again, and finally realized how they were responsible for the mass-murdering. He even discovered how they practiced cannibalism, and recalled that Mandrake had tufts of hair in her muzzle; a sign she had killed and ate another cat.

However, the meeting with Francis affected the confidence of the female: Mandrake openly questioned her mother Aurelie regarding their course of action. Aurelie ruthlessly ordered the death of Mandrake as consequence of her complaints. The wild cats left her mauled body to be witnessed by Francis, also aiming to cripple his spirit.

The death of Mandrake deeply affected Francis, especially because he realized how the she-cat was rebelling against her own past actions.