Morlock is a male cat son of Eloi. He's a cross with at least 1/4 of Siamese features inherited from his father.

He meets with Junior in Schandtat when Francis's son was searching for clues and confirmations about the past of his father.

At first Morlock seems friendly with Junior, telling his identity and how he remained close the ancient home of his father, Francis, and their comrades, to preserve their memories.

Later Morlock shows a different nature, attempting to kill Junior only to be impaled and killed during the fight.

Many secrets remained hidden with him, even if was clear to Junior the intention of Morlock to hide the past and the truth about his own father Eloi.


The ultimate fate of Morlock is unknown, due the same ending of the book Schandtat. With the non-existence of the mortal meeting with Junior (because of the altered timeline), Morlock should have survived, but this is left untold.