Pepeline is a great granddaughter of Joker and a minor character in the book and movie Felidae.

She is a very young she-kitten who reveals to the cats gathered together (including Francis and Pascal) that the belief preached by Church of Claudandus is not exactly true, stating that Joker told her privately (by mistake) that Claudandus didn't die after having killed his torturer (the Chruch's belief involve a divine punishment for the man). This leads Pascal to suggest that Joker is actually Claudandus and committed the murders, but Francis's reasoning will follow a different path.


Pepeline is young cat. In the novel Pepeline has a very different look, being a black and white harlequin. Francis thinks that she will grow into a beautiful cat. However, in the film, she has white fur, green eyes, black eyebrows, three long eyelashes on each of her eyes, a black nose and whiskers. She has a fluffy tail and a small tuft of fur on her head. She wears a blue collar with a yellow license.

Voice Edit

In the original German dub of the film, she was voiced by Alexandra Ludwig. In the English Dub of the film, she is rumored to have been voiced by Andrea Libman.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why the changes to her appearance were made by the filmmakers.
  • Although Andrea Libman (Her Rumored English Voice Actress) was 10 at the time of the film's creation, she was about 29 when she voiced Pepeline.