Pi is a mysterious character that appears in Gottergleich. He's at first described as a sleek black tomcat, with a sharp profile, short shiny fur and  deep blue eyes.    At first he speak with Francis using telepathy and appears mysteriously a number of times to help Francis.

Personality and FeaturesEdit

He's ever friendly with Francis, being aware that the detective deserve detailed explanations of what's happening and being sad to have to give only partial clues.

He display strong physical abilities, being able to quickly kill both Max and Sybilla. Pi is also able to manipulate crafts with a god-like ability and appears and disappears on his own will. Still he explain that only Francis has the ability to solve the crisis.


Pi is revealed to be a cats from Chronos, the original planet that generated the felidae genus, he's however dissenting with the plans of his brothers to evacuate all the cats from the Earth imposing a "time block" that force the Earth's timeline to run backward every 8 minutes and 56 seconds to allow the evacuation.

He ultimately manage to achieves his purpose, bringing together Francis and the other influential cats of Chronos and puts an end to the plans of these ones.

While on Chronos, his features are shown as different from the ones displayed on Earth: he's taller (Francis has to lift his muzzle to speak and look at him) and his body and muzzle show even more sharp  and alien/exotic details. It's also revealed that all the cats of Chronos shares the same name of "Pi".