The International Proletarian Union (or often shortened "Proletarian Union") is a group of cats active in the seventh book of Felidae, Felipolis. They're a group of stray cats, characterized by a political ideology (ostensibly Marxist).


Few details are known of the origin of the group. It appears that was founded by Josef to achieve a communist revolutionary program applied to cats. Most of the members of the Union are stray that suffered because of poor food and difficulties in street's life. It's later suggested that Josef had actually founded the group with the purpose to give hope to the stray rather then accomplish an unrealistic "World's Revolution" fueled just by a little group of stray cats.

Activity and Defeat Edit

The Union took interest in the inheritance of Domino and reached the Villa with the purpose to gain the founds to achieve their projects. It's unclear if Josef believed this to be a realistic project, however the Union showed collaboration (with attempts made by Josef to rally together the other cats there) rather then rivalry with the other cats eager to get the fortune. The Union's leader was at first critical toward Francis (calling him a "bourgeois" as insult) but later showed more friendly behavior, saving Francis's life when he was in danger into a pool. Later the Union will save Francis's life one more time, coming back into the villa and dragging away the body of the detective after he was nearly beaten to death. Grateful to the Union, Francis dispatched Bluebeard to suggest the Union to keep apart from the dangerous events but the message came too late: assassins of the Felipolis (group) had murdered Josef and some of his comrades.

Nothing it's known of the group and the survived cats are said to have been scattered. It's unknown if the Union was disbanded as group or if the survivors elected a new leader among their ranks.

Known members Edit

Josef (leader) (deceased)

At least a dozen of other members (some deceased, others possibly scattered).

Trivia Edit

The Union it's the first form of political organization shown in Felidae series, together the Felipolis (group). It's left unclear if the Union itself aligned to one of the many human-created branches of communist political theories or if they actually designed an own adaptation.