Felidae On The Road by killskerry - Copia

fanart of (c) killskerry [1]

Sewer's cats (also known as "The Merciful ones" or "The blind ones") are a group of cats living in the sewer of Francis's city. They keep themselves isolated from men and other cats: all of them suffered due men's actions.

The childhood of many of them it's similar: considered a burden or abused by humans, they're thrown into the pipes of toilets or into channels. The ones lucky enaugh to survive and find a way into the sewers are welcomed and raised by the community.

Years of living underground cause the cats to turn blind and she-cats became sterile but new kits join the community because of men's actions and the females raise them.

The cats have common features: their bodies are turned brown by dirt and have many scars (signs of fights with rats or other creatures). Fearing to be killed by men, they hide into the sewer and are unfriendly with stranger cats.

They are also used to rituals of pain, exposing themselves to sun's rays and hurting their blind eyes. Such rituals are intended to strenght their belief of being exposed to world's suffering and violence, Francis describe it as an "hymn of pain".

Known cats of the community are:Edit

Saffron  (leader)


Rhodes  (dead)

Hugo (formerly)