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Tragiyahn is a female cat of the "new and old" Felidae Breed.

In Claudandus's database it is said that the male cat Pascha attempted to mate with Tragiyahn and was killed for this reason. Tragiyahn herself is said to be a problem, because she doesn't respect the will of Claudandus and roams freely in the street when she's in heat, thus risking to mate with a cat of a different breed. It's also stated that she doesn't respect her word, so it's possible that she promised to Claudandus to not wander in the street.


As the other cats of the Felidae Breed, Tragiyahn is probably not interested in the genetic purity of her breed and it's likely that she was not aware of the death of Pascha. Another possibility is that she was aware, but somehow kept to silence by Claudandus.